Yamaha NP32 Digital Keyboard

Our No 1 Digital Keyboard for sale or rent

Yamaha NP32 – This is why we think it’s a great starter Keyboard.

  • Small and compact design
  • Full size piano like keys with a semi weighted spring action.
  • Touch sensitive enabling you to play louder softer depending on how hard you play a key
  • Record yourself in one simple click to help enhance your practise
  • Connect to an iOS device to use a digital piano controller, metronome plus many more features.
  • Sounds are sampled from Yamaha’s concert grands
  • Affordable to rent at £30 a month or Buy for under £300.


When looking for your first piano to get you started the Yamaha NP32 is a good choice for young beginners as it is light to touch and offers a great piano like sound. It is also simple and intuitive to use, a push of a button and you’re on your way.

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Piano Sound

This NP32 comes with 10 different voices so you can get the right sound for yourself. It also has twin speakers to project a clear sound along with headphone capabilities. This way you can practise in peace along with being able to show off all your talents.

Yamaha NP32 76 spring action keys.

The Yamaha NP32 comes with 76 spring action keys. These keys are an inbetween of your typical keyboard and your fully weight piano keys. It is also touch sensitive meaning you can play louder or quieter just by touching the keys differently. For those taking exams this is something you have to learn so you get the piece of music right. The NP32 features a “Graded Soft Touch keyboard” with keys in the bass register having a heavier feel while the high notes are lighter. It’s amazingly natural and expressive.

Piano Lessons from £12 

Smooth, Sleek and Stylish Design

The Yamaha NP32 is small and compact meaning it can go where you go. It is light enough to carry up and down stairs so you can move it to wherever suits you best. Available in black or white you can have it as part of the furniture. It is also light enough to go on a single X frame stand which is also very portable. Although it is compact there is still room to add a sustain pedal for a small price through a discreet socket in the back.

iOS capabilities

Yamaha offers a wide range of Apps for use with the NP32 including Digital Piano Controller, Metronome and NoteStar. You can connect your iOS device to the USB TO HOST terminal on your NP32 or use the optional Yamaha UD-BT01 wireless adaptor, for easy operation and added performance functions.

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Did you know…

  • The Yamaha NP32 can be powered by batteries so great for busking.
  • You can use two voices at once to create a fuller sound.
  • You can plug it directly into a computer so you can record straight onto it.


Overall the Yamaha NP32 is great to get you started as a pianist as it has all the features you will need without it being too difficult on your fingers. It is a perfect alternative for small spaces. The NP32 is also great as a little run around piano being so light and easy to carry. It can easily fit on the back seat of your car as well. With a 12 month warranty which can be extended with online registration to 24 months it really is worth every penny.


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