Why Renting Works

Renting is either a good idea or a bad idea. Let’s have a brief look at why we recommend them.


slider rent an instrumentslider rent an instrument
From only £10 a month you can start renting with us, a one month minimum rental term.

It can sometimes seem like money is going down the drain. Which yes if you rent for too long it does start to seem that way, which is why we recommend rentals short term. Violins are probably the only example we would recommend renting for a long period. This is due to the size changes and how quickly children can grow. So you get the same violin that would cost you £145 but for £10 a month. Then when they grow you can come in and swap them over. Once you get to the full size violin then you can use our rebate scheme to buy yourself a brand new violin. It actually appears to save you a lot of money.


Rentals are great for children who like to change hobby every week and are due another growth spurt. Most parents we see rent for the first month of their child’s lessons just to make sure it’s not another fly by idea. This works well because you yet again you don’t end up throwing money away.  This is for violinists, guitarists and cellist because good student brands don’t come with a huge price tag.

When it comes to drums, brass and woodwind renting is a very good choice due to the actual instruments being at a high price point just. We only rent the highest quality. This is due to the cheaper more budget versions being prone to breaking. This is really important for  brass and woodwind as cheap metals can bend very easily. You can end up spending more on repairs then the actual instrument cost.

We rent Roland digital drums, these themselves have roughly a £400 price point.

Roland TD-1K V-Drum kit
Want to get started on a lovely piece of kit for only £30 a month? Then start renting today!

It’s a lot to spend for a “phase” which we completely understand. There are many other digital drum manufacturers out there. As with the brass and woodwind if you buy cheap, it is cheap. You will also find with drum kits if they do continue they will out grow the cheap drum kits very fast. This is a strong point mainly for those doing grades, due to exams being taken on acoustic kits. The cheap kits can’t replicate the acoustic kits well enough throwing them off and we want the best for all those taking exams.

With DEROSA it’s so simple to set up a rental. All you have to do is pop into the shop with two valid iD’s with name and address in (driving licence, utility bill etc), a valid debit or credit card and a device wth your emails enabled just to speed up the process!

Overall we see renting as a good thing for customers especially to see if the pupil will really stick to it. We can often tell when it is worth buying the instrument straight up. Remember we also only rent good quality instruments so you don’t get ripped off.

More then often have the instrument you would like to rent in stock. We do recommend calling up and reserving one (we reserve for up to a week). This way you have it secured and for those renting for children there are no tears!

We rent all your musical needs be is classical or electric we have you covered. For all info click here.
If you’re looking a renting and want lessons to go with it have a look at DEROSA’s lessons here starting from £12.

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