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Motivational Tips/how to keep inspired and allocate your time.

A Common worry for people for when starting to learn an instrument is how to stay motivated and allocate time for practice. Here are a few useful tips:


– Be inspired!

Have a look at how DEROSA’s tutor Steve kept going and now plays on some of the biggest stages.

You need to remember why you picked up the instrument – Whether it was you saw a concert/performance of some kind, have family members/friends who play or even if you simply think the instrument is cool! One of the best ways most people keep inspired is by watching/playing with other musicians, this way you will share and trade different techniques to further improve your playing. Another great way is to listen to music as often as possible, this will help develop your music taste further and help set future goals.


– You don’t need hours to have effective practice.

This is especially true for beginners, where you wouldn’t have accumulated knowledge over time (By no fault of your own), there isn’t hours worth of material you’ll know, unless of course you practice the same exercises over and over, but as you can imagine this will become tiring quite quickly.. What would be better to do is put aside 10-20 mins a day. The benefits of this will be that your finger strength and memory will improve more quickly and you’ll also have a much more steady progression. The beauty of this is that any signs of improvement you make will keep you motivated to play more and make the process of learning far more enjoyable. Where we teach here, we find that this is a perfectly adequate amount of time for child and adult beginners.   


Wonder what instrument DEROSA’s Abi started on, have a look.

– Why it’s best to have a good instrument to start with.

There are many different instruments that you can get that are built to a budget, but this isn’t always the best route to go down, for your own benefit. Learning an instrument can be a prolonged and difficult task so it makes much more sense to invest in something that will last. Let’s look into the context of guitars, depending on manufacturers, for around £200-300 you can get a well built, very playable, Solid top acoustic guitar, having a product of reasonable quality will help encourage a learner to play/practice more than a budget instrument would. This is not to render budget instruments obsolete, but in the long run, you will notice a significant difference and save money.

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– Ideally, don’t buy blind on the internet.

The internet is a powerful and useful resource, however, it’s not the best place to buy instruments, we would strongly recommend that you try instruments before buying!


Never be afraid to ask questions/there are no ‘stupid’ questions.

Always understand, we are here to help with our knowledge of the industry and will never criticise for seeking information with us.

You can find all the information you need on this website but don’t be afraid to give us a call if you would like to discuss further. 01279 465 155

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