VAT Free musical instrument assisted purchase scheme

The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AKA the AIPS) enables pupils at local authority and academy schools to purchase instruments without paying VAT on the purchase.

We understand that nobody wants to pay too much for their musical instruments, but we understand that you need the right type and level of instrument to learn on. As educators ourselves, we will only recommend instruments that are entirely suitable for students to learn, progress with their studies and take exams on. That way, you know you can buy with absolute confidence and not have to worry about the “right” instrument to buy.

Plus you’ll get the VAT taken off the purchase price making it the best value for money anywhere on the market.

So the benefits to you are:

You will save money

You buy the right instrument

You can stop shopping around for the best (new or used) price

The rules of the AIPS say that the purchase order must be made with the school or academy where your child is educated. The school then place the order with us as the supplier. You pay the school directly at the discounted VAT free rate.

All you need to do in order to save on the purchase price is DOWNLOAD OUR FORM HERE.


Here are the qualifying HMRC VAT rules currently. As we approach the deadline to leave the EU, this may change (who knows?!) so if you are considering a purchase or would like more information, please call us today on 01279 465155.

For those who want the HMRC text in full, see the local authorites assisted purchase scheme

Here’s an overview of the process

  • Choose your instrument
  • Download and complete our AIPS form
  • Take this into the school & pay as they request
  • School orders the instrument rhough us
  • We deliver the instrument to the school for you to collect
  • The school invoices us and takes care of the VAT claim for you

Its really that simple – so what are you waiting for?

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