Tips to help you become a better musician

We asked DEROSA’s Steve Young to give us some tips that can help every musician and here are his top 10.

1 – Always keep your guitar in Tune how-to-tune-a-guitar

2 – Be kind to your instrument and it will be kind to you

3 – Practice doesn’t need to be hard – just 10mins a day will start programming those stubborn muscles in your fingers

4 – Learn the basic theory even if you want to rock out or be a singer/songwriter – it helps you communicate with the musicians you play with

5 – Learn to sing, even if it’s backing vocals, a singing musician is worth double

6 – Find your vocal range, Low is Good, Middle is Good, High is Good the only bad thing is NOT TRYING

7 – Don’t expect an expensive guitar to solve all your problems – a great musician can play a tin can with a stick

8 – BE PATIENT – it takes a while getting there but once you are you’ll never forget

9 – ENJOY – even if it becomes your job – think of the zillions of people stuck behind desks while you’re out singing for your supper


10 – Meet, greet, be nice, you will NEVER see a musician who’s had a long career treat people badly.

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