Roland HP605PE Digital Piano

Our No 1 Selling Digital Piano

Roland HP605PE, why is this our best selling digital piano?


  • HP605PE – Stylish Polished Ebony finish with small footprint
  • An 88 Note Fully weighted Piano Key action ( Roland’s PHA05 key action )
  • Roland’s Acoustic Projection speaker system
  • Super Natural piano sound – Modelling technology not sampled

When it comes to choosing a digital piano there are so many Digital Piano models and manufacturers to choose from, it can become very confusing to know which piano will be right for you.

Like all manufacturers, Roland have a range of pianos at different price points, each with their own merits.

The Roland HP605PE sits two models from the top of the range and has been our No 1 selling Digital Piano for a number of very good reasons.

Roland HP605PE Polished Ebony finish

The first thing you notice about the Roland HP605PE is the stunning black polished ebony finish. The HP605PE cabinet offers a practical, small floor foot print – a key feature to Roland’s Digital Piano design, whilst retaining a traditional look and feel. The piano is equally at home in a modern style house to a traditional wood beamed cottage.

The adjustable sheet music rest is robust, offering brass clips to hold the music in place, a feature so practical and essential to managing your music but one left off so many pianos.

Roland HP605PE – 88 Notes Fully weighted Key action

At first touch the Roland piano action ( PHA-50 Keyboard ) feels like an acoustic piano with 88 beautifully weighted keys ( Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel ).

The touch is responsive and effortless. Some digital pianos can feel heavy and lifeless to play tiring the fingers after a short period of time. The HP605PE’s PHA-50 keyboard is a joy to play even after long periods of time. You can even adjust the feel to ensure maximum personal playing experience.

Roland HP605PE – Speakers – Acoustic Projection

The HP605PE has a three way, six speaker system driven by a powerful 4 channel amplifier. That’s how the amazing sound flows out without sounding fake or atrificial. Whilst playing you will enjoy a depth to the sound due to outstanding projection as well as piano modelling technology.

Nb : Did you know that even when using headphones you do not lose the sound quality? This is due to the dedicated headphone amplifier and 3D ambience technology creating a powerful sound in your headphones. This is unique to the HP605PE and makes it sound outstanding.

Piano Sound

We have always loved the warmth, depth and realistic timbre of the Roland Digital Piano sound. Roland digital pianos now use their very latest SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology. This is instead of conventional sampling which results in a far richer, more detailed piano sound then ever before.

When spending around £2000 you need to hear the difference in quality, this is why the HP605PE stands out from the crowd, it is mid priced but offers sublime sound.


Another fantastic feature the HP605PE offers is bluetooth audio and MIDI connectivity. Using Bluetooth technology, the HP605PE wirelessly connects to your mobile device, enabling you to take advantage of popular online practice videos. Once connected, the audio is routed through the piano’s internal speakers, or headphones if you prefer to practice in private. Then you can play along with your favorite artist and bands or practice with some of the very best piano teachers. You can also download a wide range of Roland Apps, or install apps such as PiaScore with free access to over 70,000 classical music scores; you can even turn the pages in certain apps on your iPad/tablet screen by pressing the piano’s middle pedal.


The HP605PE will fit perfectly in your house. You will fall in love with it’s smooth, sleek and stylish design, PLUS it comes with a 10 year warranty, identical to an acoustic piano which is how much confidence Roland have in their product. It really will last a lifetime.

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