Roland Drum Kits – Just Brilliant!

Digital drum kits Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire

Digital Drum kit vs Acoustic drums

Some people still don’t understand how a digital drum kit could replace an acoustic kit. To be honest, it can’t but it can enhance how you play and be pretty close. Here’s a little look as to why.


Roland TD1k Digital drum kit
Perfect first Roland digital drum kit from only £369

A Roland digital drum kit is a very good replica to the “actual” thing. It also is a lot quieter so your neighbours can’t get annoyed, furthermore reduces your risk of tinnitus (this does not mean you can play it at full volume constantly). They also make it a lot easier to listen to the track you will be playing along with as it can go straight into your headphones or amp.

This Roland drum kit can do amazing things, you can also get it all with mesh heads. Sounds even better! From only £799


You need more room? No problem. Roland drum kits are very easy to fold away and put to one side. Though don’t do this too often as the chances are you will practice less.  You also use normal pedals so everything is easy to move around and make it as comfortable as possible for yourself. This also makes it feel more like “the real thing.”


This is the most amazing performer kit, the sounds, the touch, the feel just wow. All yours for £2,199.


Roland drum kits come with so many different sounds, it has a kit for every style. The beauty of this means you can try new things and if you use it for live performance it make it a bit simpler. It also means you don’t need to worry about any extra equipment and can play every song without it sounding “off.”


Roland digital drum kits do really help you unlock all potential you have with drums. They really do make you play better and with mesh heads it has the same feel as an acoustic kit. You really can’t judge the kits by what you hear or even reading this. You really need to pop in and try a few of them out. We hope that it makes everything you have read a little clearer and help you understand why they are so brilliant!


Like the idea of learning drums now you know it doesn’t have to be so loud? Why not look at the lessons we offer. We also rent drum kits incase you got a bit scared by those numbers before but if you buy cheap you get cheap. Even our rental kits are Roland.


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