RSL Level 4 professional Diploma in Performance.

music performance

Our Level 4 Diploma in Performance consists of two core units. Advanced Repertoire and Technical Skills (Double) and Artist Analysis.


The aim of this pathway is to further develop advanced technical skills beyond the standard required for Grade 8

Tutor | Alex Forryan

Alex is regarded as an outstanding International Educator and Musician. 

He is a champion of a portfolio style career for the professional musician. 

Now the worldwide consultant for RSL, he specialises in delivering and consulting on professional qualifications for music tutors and musicians.

In addition to his Consultancy Alex has a legacy of achieving outstanding results as an Educational Lead within in various Primary, Secondary, Further Education, Peripatetic Services and Private Music Schools.

Alex is Married and a dedicated father of three.

Key Features

Qualification Post Grade 8.

This programme is perfect for the person that would like to further develop their performance and technical skills  within their instrumental studies. The final qualification will  provide you with a recognition of high level achievement in your instrument studies..


Benefit from Remote Learning

The RSL L4 Teaching Diploma is delivered remotely. This means you can fit the course around your own time schedule.

Through the use of a variety of digital resources our teachers and coaches will offer this programme virtually via video link

Progression within the music Industry

A level 4 Performance Diploma is is designed to facilitate a music performer’s current needs for working within the music industry  or to progress to further training within education.

Self Study at your pace

With 1 year to submit each qualification and a suggested 40 hours input from the candidate, the RSL Professional Diplomas offer a flexible route to an accredited qualification. 

Our programme will help guide you through step by step every unit to help prepare you for your qualification

Enhance your Skill Set as a musician

The RSL’s L4 Diploma aim is to help you develop the skills needed to enhance your competence as a musician. 

These include but are not limited to; advanced performance and self analysis of your muscianship.

A specialist Pathway Within the Music Industry

This programme specifically follows the RSL L4 Performance  Qualification. 

There are 2 core units and then an additional optional unit which we advise to be self accessment.  

The units we will take you through have been designed to develop and recognise excellence the Music Industry and Music Education.

Career development

This Diploma will help you focus and retrain on establishing yourself as a Musician whilst evidencing your skills through employed work, practical training or alongside other academic and performance study. 

Diplomas can be studied in preparation for, alongside or instead of an undergraduate degree course. 

They could also be used to enhance your skill-set in your time following graduation.

Online Submission

Our programme will enable all work to be submitted online. 

This will help you build your portfolio all in one place. 

As you end your programme you will have all work ready to be uploaded on the RSL platform in preparation for your final assessments.

Internationally Recognised qualification.

Our Programme has been prepared specifically to help you through understanding the final qualification offered by RSL. 

This Professional Diploma qualification has been designed to equip educators and musicians for careers within the  music industry, however, they are also regulated qualifications that are benchmarked at undergraduate degree level in the UK. Regulated by Ofqual and with worldwide recognition.

What will I learn?

Advanced Technical Skills

You will evidence skills that would be considered to be more complex than those demonstrated for Grade 8 We will help you show Assured musicality and artistry.

“Hi jon Just finished the first week with Alex. Absolutely loved it! I’m very excited. Thank you for the opportunity.” Jay

Performance to an Audience

The pieces chosen for this unit can be performed either as solo or accompanied. The accompaniment can be live or via a backing track. If a backing track is used, another person can be present to operate any technical equipment.

“It was Brilliant thank you. Alex is a great Educator – I am really glad I signed up for the course and am looking forward to the upcoming sessions” – Caroline

Advanced Repertoire

We will guide you through the process to compile/choreograph and perform a varied and contrasting programme around a theme of your own choosing. This must consist of a minimum of two pieces. These can be own choice pieces or drawn from the indicative repertoire lists.

Artist Analysis

It is important for artists to be able to evaluate and analyse the influences on their personal style and how these have developed. A greater understanding of the lineage and development of performing arts genres from the past can lead to a greater understanding of themselves as performers or technicians in the creative industries.

Learning Outcome

Through completion of this Diploma, you will: 1. Plan a performance of advanced technical skills 2. Demonstrate an advanced level of technical skills 3. Evaluate the performance and interpret your work through a performance of your own creation

common questions

You will be taught remotely using ZOOM.

You will have 2.5 hours of remote lessons with an expectation of a further 2.5 hours of self study.

This programme will be 12 weeks with an expectation that you build a portfolio throughout the programme in readiness to present at the final evaluation

There are no entry requirements for these qualifications. However, candidates should be aware that there will be an expectation of technical knowledge and understanding covered in previous qualifications.

Applicants for the Teaching pathway must be 18 years of age or older at the time of certification, and must send a scanned copy of their birth certificate/passport/other proof of date of birth with their entry

This Programme of training costs £2000

To then gain the Qualification there is an additional £295 to be paid directly to the exam board.

If you have any doubts about this course please call us on 01279 465155 and we will happily talk you through any concerns.

The Level 4 Professional Diploma is assessed remotely and assessment evidence must be submitted digitally. Learners can submit assessment evidence for single units or for the entire Diploma

RSL advocates an open access approach to qualifications, providing a range of syllabi, designed to accommodate a wide variety of candidates of different ages, experience and levels of achievement. RSL qualifications are listed on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England and Northern Ireland by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), in Wales by Qualifications Wales and in Scotland by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. RSL is committed to maintaining and improving its reputation for excellence by providing high quality education and training through its syllabi, examinations, music and resources.

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