Renting good quality brass or woodwind instruments

Why renting a good quality brass or woodwind instrument is a better idea than buying cheap online

In this week’s blog we’re going to dive into the renting of brass or woodwind instruments and why it’s better than buying a cheap instrument where you end up with a poor quality instrument. A few points to keep in mind:

  • Beginner players benefit from renting an instrument.
  • Buying a new good quality brass or woodwind instrument, tends to be expensive. Renting is a good option to start with and makes it more affordable if you use our rental scheme.
  • Good quality, reliable instruments make learning more pleasant which definitely benefits new players.

Renting brass and woodwind is perfect for beginner players

A good rental scheme is perfect to try out before buying an instrument, especially if you have a young beginner learning to play a brass or woodwind instrument and you want to see how they progress. The same goes if you’re an adult learning a new instrument but you’re not sure that you want to purchase an instrument yet. With a young beginner, renting is recommended if the child likes to change hobby every now and again so you don’t end up throwing money away.

There are companies that offer rental schemes for brass and woodwind instruments – like us! Read on to learn more about our rental scheme…

Make sure you rent good quality

Parents might be concerned when considering renting an instrument for their children or adult beginners buying for themselves. The concern lies with whether you’ll be getting a decent quality instrument. Please don’t settle for a poor instrument just to save money. The above option of renting a good quality brass or woodwind instrument is better than just buying a cheap product online, especially if you haven’t researched the product or the retailer you are buying from.

Something important to consider is that a new beginner is more likely to make a success when learning to play on a better quality instrument that works reliably and plays in tune. A lesser / older instrument makes the job of learning to play much more difficult and can therefore put a new player off from continuing.

Buying student brass & woodwind instruments can be expensive, renting makes it more affordable

The benefit of renting from a local music shop is that you are offered friendly and expert advice.

Renting brass and woodwind from Derosa is a good choice due to the actual instruments being of a better quality. At DeRosa, we only rent high quality because the cheaper/more budget versions are prone to breaking. This is very important for brass and woodwind – cheap metals can bend very easily and you can end up spending more on repairs than the cost of the instrument.

The right rental scheme

What’s great about DeRosa’s rental scheme is that when you get to the point where you want to buy, you are not obliged to buy the instrument you rented (unless you want to). If you don’t want to keep the rented instrument you can return it and there is no further obligation on you.

Another benefit we obffer with our rental scheme is that you can use some of the amount that has built up through your rental payments against a new instrument purchase from us. You may also rent one type of instrument and buy another, e.g. rent a flute but buy a saxophone using the rebate from your flute rental.

Renting brass and woodwind instruments for beginning players is an excellent option, although we do recommend that the rental shouldn’t be a long-term choice.

Read more about our rental scheme here.


Overall, renting is a good idea for those wanting to see if a pupil will really stick with it. We make sure we rent good quality instruments to give a pupil the very best opportunity to learn to play. Although we often have the instrument to rent in stock, we do recommend that you give us a call to reserve one (reservations go up to a week).

Some useful links:

Rental terms and conditions at DeRosa Music Hub.

If you want to rent an instrument and have lessons to go with it, have a look at DeRosa’s music lessons starting from £12 a lesson.

If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call on 01279 465155 or pop us an e-mail at [email protected]

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