Yamaha THR10II electric guitar desktop amplifier.



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Yamaha THR10II  Guitar Amplifier

  • Redesigned front grill
  • Amp-Modelling
  • Audio Interface
  • On-board effects
  • 20w power output
  • Free App for ultimate control (iOs & Android)
Twice the power as the first generation models, still in the small desktop format cabinet.  

Product Description

Yamaha THR10 MarkII desktop guitar amplifier

A separate category of guitar amplifier

Sometimes referred to as the third amp category, these small & highly portable desktop guitar amps are a minor miracle. Most guitarists know that tube (or valve) amps sound great when turned up loud on a big stage. These are the first category. Next you have the combo amps where the amplifier & speakers are combined in ine unit. These are great for rehearsals & small gigs but the THR amps are the best of both of these types.

Rather than make a “mini” amp, the THR range were built to be exactly what the player needs in the home or bedroom at a senible volume. The sounds that you can achieve & the tone available is remarkable from such a small box – plus there are now a host of extra features available on the mark 2 version of the amp.

Go Fully Wireless with the Yamaha THR10II guitar amplifier

The new THR-II models all feature Bluetooth connectivity for audio playback.

Want fully wireless playing? take a look at the XVIVE wireless guitar systems which we sell.

Bluetooth Support for the Yamaha THR10II guitar amplifier

All THR-II models feature Bluetooth for audio playback. Stream music from your phone or tablet to the THR10 amp and jam along

THR10 Mobile Editor App for iOS or Android

The “THR Remote” mobile editor app provides users with remote amplifier operation through your smartphone. While you can still turn the dials by hand, you get much more in depth controls over the tone & effects by using the app. Its free to download and available for Android & Apple products.

Once you find the sounds you love, its easy to save them into the amplifiers memory banks using the free app.

Summary of the Yamaha THR10II guitar amplifier:

  • 20 Watts of power
  • Sounds great at any volume
  • Bluetooth compatible to stream music
  • Perfect for travellers, students & home use
  • Light & portable class of amplifier
  • Free App to control onboard effects & amp types
  • Built in boutique & hi gain amp models from previous range
  • New grill design

For more information, see the Yamaha website.

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