Tanglewood TWR2 SFCE Auditorium Size Electro Acoustic Guitar



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The roadster series offer you the raw beauty of classic timber, with finely matched Canadian Red Cedar tops and Indonesian mahogany back and sides. This combination gives the guitars a great sound right from day 1 which only improves with age. Roadster II Cedar tops are finished with a low density satin lacquer which captures the natural beauty od stripped down raw timber.

Product Description

Tanglewood TWR2SFCE Auditorium Size Electro Acoustic Guitar

Roadster series 2

Inspired by nature and the raw beauty of classic timber, Roadster II instruments make a truly organic and understated natural statement. We’ve long pioneered the practise of sustainable forestry in the pursuit of our art and for this latest Roadster series we match finely graded Canadian Red Cedar tops with traditional Indonesian mahogany back and sides to produce tonally rich instruments that sound instantly wonderful tuned up right out of the box.

The luthiers at Tanglewood have to work especially hard when creating this look, finishing the smooth edging joins of the body very carefully because there is no binding therefore no margin for error.

Roadster II Cedar tops are finished and sealed in high grade, low density satin lacquer and as well as capturing the stripped down raw timber cosmetic effect we envisaged on the drawing board, we are sure this also adds to their sweet sounding sonic appeal.

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