TGI Series Guitar cables



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TGI Budget Guitar Cables

Great performance from these top quality Neutrik ended guitar cables. Fitted with gold plated ends a choice of either Jack to Jack straight ends or Jack to Right Angled ends.

Jacks are 1/4 inch (or 6.35 mm) which is the standard input size for guitars & amp inputs.

The straight ended cables will fit all guitars & basses and are the best choice for most guitarists. If you have a Stratocaster style guitar then you need a straight end to fit into the jack input becasue its surface mounted at an angle & needs a straight end. These type also fit Telecaster style guitars best as well because they have a recessed jack input which sometimes won’t accept a right angled guitar cable end.

Right angled cables work well with most Gibson style guitars like SG’s or Les Pauls because these types have an output jack socket surface mounted on the underside of the body’s flat edge near the strap button. As it flush mounts many guitarists feed the Right Angled end of the cable under the strap effectively locking it in place while playing.

The TG320SC is a hybrid style cable unique to TGI which has a curly section of cable near one end. This curled section resembles a telephone cable. The curled section prevents the player (or someone else on stage) accidentally treading on the cable & pulling out the lead just before the big guitar solo!


Product Features

Jack to Jack guitar cables with repairable metal ends. Available in lengths of 10 or 20 feet.
  • Jack to Right Angle guitar cables
  • Jack to Jack Straight ended cables

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