Tanglewood DBT SFCE PW Discovery Exotic Electro Acoustic Guitar



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Tanglewood DBT SFCE AEB Discovery Exotic

Tanglewood recognise that what you need when you start playing the guitar is an instrumentwith excellent build quality, playabilityand good looks. The Discovery range including the exotic range featureeverything the beginner wants. Buy one as your first guitar, get some lessons and you’ll never look back.

Product Description

Tanglewood DBT SFCE PW Exotic Electro Acoustic Guitar

Tanglewood recognise that to introduce people to music an instrument must have a high build quality, good playability, attractive cosmetics and as many features as possible to encourage and reward aspiring musicians.

With this end point in mind, the Tanglewood luthiers created the Tanglewood guitars Discovery Exotic range. A great range of top quality musical instruments which feature 4 band EQ systems with stage backlighting, delicate 2mm fingerboard dots to help finger placement, black soft touch machine head buttons and understated sound hole rosettes.

All these features are aimed at bringing the specification of a much more expensive instrument into the entry level marketplace.

The Exotic range is the epitome of a superbly built beginners musical instrument that looks good, plays really well and actively supports the player in the first steps of their learning journey and beyond.

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