Kinsman CWG2 Dreadnought Wood Shell Guitar Hard Case



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Good choice for most acoustic guitars

This case will fit most brands of acoustic guitar of the larger body styles. It may also fit some 12 string guitars but give us the measurements of your guitar to check before buying.

General advice on choosing a hard case

We recommend if you are not sure what size or shape your guitar is, take the measurements of the total length, height and width at the “hips” and “shoulders” (first and second bouts) on the body section.

Product Description

Kinsman CWG2 Dreadnought Guitar Hard Case


  • Lightweight
  • Durable leather grained textured cloth
  • Retro style stitched valance
  • Four gold coloured clip-over catches (shaped case)
  • One lockable catch
  • Moulded carry handle
  • Gold coloured feet



  • Suitable for all sizes up to dreadnought and some 12 strings
  • Plush lined interior
  • Padded body surround compartment
  • Hinged lid storage compartment
  • Neck support compartment

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