The Yamaha 200 Series flutes
are nickel silver plated 

The 300 Series flutes have a sterling silver head joint, silver nickel body and foot

The 400 Series flutes have a Sterling Silver Head Joint, body and foot

 H=B Foot Joint

GL= Gold Lip Plate

If you are unsure what flute is for you we would recommend focusing on the YFL- 212, 312, 412 series as well as the YFL- 272, 372, 472 flutes. The primary difference is the ’12 flutes have covered keys where as the ’72 flutes have open hole ( ring ) keys. The head, body and foot joints are the same. The other flutes are of a more specialist nature with combined variations such as an In-Set G key, excluding the E mechanism and have a B foot joint. That said if you are considering a ’12 or ’72 flute the gold lip plate looks absolutely stunning!

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