Music Lessons

Face to Face sessions

Face to face lessons are held at our fully equipped teaching studios in Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire. The Grade 2 Listed building consists of over 10 dedicated teaching studios as well as a fully stocked musical instrument shop.

remote virtual sessions

Through the use of a variety of digital resources our teachers and coaches can offer music tuition virtually via video link Having taught tens of thousands of lessons virtually we believe we are leading the innovation of online music tuition. Our blended learning approach offers lessons for everyone.

Music Lessons Provided

Individual Music Lessons

Individual Lessons are provided online or face to face. Lessons can be 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes. We believe indivual lessons are essential as everyone learns in different ways. Lessons can be for fun or educational with graded study.

Group music lessons

We believe in creating a music group for a reason not just for a lesson. This could be a graded masterclass, a Rock band, a duet, songwriting even a jazz band. Having achieved a standard as a player it is incredibly rewarding playing with others.

Virtual Music Lessons

Music lessons virtually are a fantastic alternative to a normal lesson. A tutor whom is experienced with the delivery of the style of lesson along with the technology benefits will achieve fantastic results. Having taught 10’s of thousands of lessons globally we are innovators within virtual music education.

What instruments we teach...

Singing Lessons

Do you think you can sing? Singing is all about confidence. In our singing ( vocal ) lessons you will learn how to warm up and warm down, this is vital to avoid damaging your voice. Our tutors will work through various techniques to help improve your tone, projection and breathing. Lessons are for beginners to advanced, children and adults. Lessons can be just for fun or graded study. We cover all styles of music including Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Metal, Classical & Music Theatre. Learning to sing helps develop your personal confidence as well as enhancing your performance skills.

Guitar Lessons

Learn to Play guitar in all genres of music including Rock, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Folk & metal. Our lessons are for beginners to advanced. You will learn about chords, scales & soloing. We will teach teach you how to play your favourite songs. We offer graded music study as well as learning for fun. Adults please remember its never to late to learn. All lessons are 1-1 face to face or online ( virtual ) lessons.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are for adults and children. We can offer graded music study or lessons for the hobbiest. Within a piano lesson you can learn to read music & improvise. We will show you piano techniques to help your finger dexterity, pedal technique, speed, as well as overall musical interpretation. Our lessons will help you play with freedom as opposed to being regimented by a book. We offer lessons to cater for what you want to learn, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Funk, Improvisation, Pop & Music Theatre.

Drum Lessons

Drum lessons have exploded in popularity due to the accessibility of affordable electronic drum kits. Teaching all styles of music we will enhance your playing with rudiments. Our techniques will help with stamina, strength, breathing & timing. We will help you as a drummer play whilst listening giving you a creative edge. Lessons can be graded study or just for fun, for an adult or child. Learning the drums is a great stress buster as well as confidence builder. Our lessons are face to face or online ( virtual ) lessons.

Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone lessons are essential to help techniques like your breathing, tone quality, hand dexterity, learning to read and improvise. Our lessons can be graded study or for fun. We can teach you in various styles of music such as Jazz & Blues. We will teach the songs you have always wanted to learn. Learning the saxophone gives many opportunities such as joining a band, an orchestra or a church worship group. This in turn helps social, personal & performance skills.

Flute Lessons

Our lessons will help the flute player with posture, tone quality, hand dexterity, tongue technique, music reading and music interpretation. Flute lessons can be for fun or graded study. Lessons can be online or face to face. Playing the flute offers many social benefits such as joining an orchestra, a band or other groups such as church worship.

What we specialise in...

Music Lessons for children

Currently we offer lessons to children from the age of 5. It is a great responsibility starting a child on their musical journey. Our advice is to consider your childs attention to learning and their ability to read and count. These are two major factors within a music lesson.

Graded Music Study.

Within music one way to track our ability is via the graded study. There are 8 grades in total, grade 6 is equivalent to a GCSE with UCAS points, Grade 8 is equivalent to an A Level with UCAS points. Grades can be taken within Classical, Rock and Pop, Jazz and Music Theater styles of music

Music Lessons for Adults

To teach an adult as a beginner requires patience and empathy. As adults whilst we may dream of playing the reality is life is busy! Our tutors take time to understand what you would like from a lesson and where you want your musical journey to go. We have as many Adult learners as children, the hardest part is the unknown, can I do this? Am I just going to embarrass myself? Is it really to late to learn. Its never to late ...

Song Writing

Many of our tutors are successful song writers. From experience and knowledge of the Music Industry we are well placed to help with lyrics, chord progressions, song structure and musical arrangements

Band Coaching

If your band has hit a wall try having a dedicated band coach. They will help with repertoire, song arrangements, solo's and vocal harmonies.

Benefits to your health and well-being

There are many benefits to learning an instrument. It helps keep your mind and memory active. It will help improve dexterity and hand eye co-ordination. Music helps reduce stress levels. Music can help with confidence and social skills. Music is Therapy.

common questions

We offer music lessons for the following instruments.

Piano | Guitar | Drums | Vocals & Singing | Bass | Saxophone | Flute | Clarinet | Violin | Violia | Cello | Ukulele | Banjo | Mandolin | Cajon | Song Writing | Music Technology 

Lessons can be booked for 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes. Lessons are face to face or online.

We offer lessons in line with school terms. Terms are typically between 12 – 15 weeks. You would have the same day and time slot each week.

Monday – Saturday 9am to 9pm.
We run in line with the Hertfordshire school terms but can also teach throughout the holidays if required.

Lessons are held at our fully equipped teaching studios in Bishops Stortford or online ( virtually ) using ZOOM.

Prices per pupil are as follows;

20 Minutes £15
30 Minutes £20
40 Minutes £30
60 Minutes £45
Small Group £15

Students have an opportunity to take graded exams where appropriate. Grade 6 is equivalent to a GCSE with UCAS points, Grade 8 an A Level with UCAS points. 

Your tutor will advise you on any supplementary materials or products needed especially books.
Books, Instruments and accessories can be purchased at competitive rates within the store.

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Call 01279 465155


Lessons can be paid for in the following ways. 

Cash instore
Credit / Debit Card Instore
Online or by phone
Direct bank transfer


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