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20 Minute Lesson

Ideal for Younger Starters
£ 15 Per Lesson
  • Single Online Lesson
  • Rental Instruments Available
  • Ideal for Children

30 Minute Lesson

Most Popular Lesson Time
£ 20 Per Lesson
  • Single Online Lesson
  • Rental Instruments Available
  • Most Popular Lesson Time

60 Minute Lesson

For More Focused Studies
£ 45 Per Lesson
  • Single Online Lesson
  • Rental Instruments Available
  • For More Advanced Studies

Online Music Lessons, still unsure?

11 Year old student Harry explains how cool his online guitar lessons are.

Adult learner Peter had concerns of what an online lesson would be like

Dylan has been learning drums for 4 years, and now is adjusting to a new approach

Lucinda musical theatre up and coming star! Recently featuring in Big the musical 

What instrument can i learn?

Learn the instrument of your choice here. You can book lessons in blocks or individually with any of our fully trained music teachers.

What software do I need?

Vitual lessons are delivered using the ZOOM App which is free to use. Its’ available for all iOs and Android phones and tablets.  Mac & PC versions are available too.

When are the lessons available?

Teachers are available between Monday and Saturday including mornings and evenings,

Is it a Real tutor?

All of our lessons are taught in real time with a real teacher so it’s the closest you can get to being with your teacher in person.

How many lessons should I book?

We recommend you to make 5 booking on the same day & time each week where possible. If that’s not possible due to your availability, just book 5 free slots on the online calender.

How do I pay

You can pay online at the time of booking using our secure payment system.

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