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How does it work?

Learning the piano is fun and rewarding. Lessons for the piano are taught on a 1-1 basis with the idea of putting the individual’s learning first.

Currently we are offering lessons via zoom.

How will I learn?

Having a 1-1 lesson means our tutors will discuss your very own goals and objectives. They will then work with you by setting practise goals throughout the week. You can see our piano tutors here

Will I take Graded Exams?

Examining boards we use RSL Awards ( Rockschool ), Trinity Rock and Pop, Trinity College and ABRSM. All students have the opportunity to take graded exams, but its not compulsory

Did you know Grade 6 is equivalent to a GCSE, Grade 8 is equivalent to an A Level.


Will I have to perform?

We offer the opportunity to perform in End of Term concerts which are in a recital format.

If you really want to Rock out you could join a band and be part of The Derosa Sessions.

What’s the cost?

  • Lesson Cost 1-1 20 Minutes : £15
  • Lesson Cost 1-1 30 Minutes : £20
  • Lesson Cost 1-1 40 Minutes : £30
  • Lesson Cost 1-1 60 Minutes : £45

Who are the lessons for?

Our Lessons are available for children and adults. Your bespoke lesson plans ensure that your musical journey is enjoyable and rewarding. Remember our lessons are with a REAL tutor for a REAL lesson online or in-store.

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