The very best online flute tuition...

How does it work…

Lessons for the flute are taught on a 1-1 basis with the idea of putting the individual’s learning first.

Its important in your early lessons to get the correct posture as well as learning about the flute and the music

Within a lesson you will learn the notes of the flute, how to read music, music theory and have fun!

How will I learn?

Having a 1-1 lesson means our tutor’s will discuss your very own goals and objectives. They will then work with you by setting practise goals throughout the week. You can see our flute tutors here

In our experience everyone learns at a different pace and style. This is why our lesson emphasis is on a one to one basis.

Will I have to take graded exams?

Examining boards we use for flute exams are Trinity College and ABRSM. All students have the opportunity to take graded exams, but its not compulsory

If a child is working towards an academic CV its important to know that Grade 6 is equivalent to a GCSE, Grade 8 is equivalent to an A Level. Both carry UCAS points.

Will I get the opportunity to perform?

We offer the opportunity to perform in End of Term concerts which are in a recital format.

If you really want to Rock out you could join a band and be part of The Derosa Sessions.

There are many other opportunities such as joining an Orchestra, playing in Church or even a folk group in your local area.

What’s the cost?

  • Lesson Cost 1-1 20 Minutes : £15
  • Lesson Cost 1-1 30 Minutes : £20
  • Lesson Cost 1-1 40 Minutes : £30
  • Lesson Cost 1-1 60 Minutes : £45

Who are the lessons for ?

Our Lessons’s are available for children and adults. Your bespoke lesson plans ensure that your musical journey is enjoyable and rewarding. Remember our lessons are with a REAL tutor for a REAL lesson online or in-store.

Rebecca has a great passion for music and people.

Having studied to the highest standards she now impasses her passion for music on to pupils. Rebecca approaches her lessons with optimism.  to her lessons really keep pupils of all ages at ease.

Constantly smiling you can’t help but have fun within her lessons.

Danielle studied instrumental teaching to a masters level. This gives her a holistic approach to her teaching.

Her calm yet organised approach to lessons take beginners through to the highest standards achievable.

When not teaching she is rescuing Chickens.

The flute is a fantastic social instrument to play, it is often used in an orchestra, jazz band, folk music, and world music.

Due to the flutes versatility it can be a great addition in settings ranging anywhere from a church service to a home recital to a rock concert.

There are many health benefits to playing the flute.

The  flute promotes good posture.

You learn Healthy breathing from the diaphram

Playing helps with core strength and hand control.

The flute naturally helps with finger dexterity.

As with all instruments they can help with social; skills and improved confidence

A great advantage to learning the flute is that its small and portable.

There is no need for reeds or strings saving time and money on maintenance

We would recommend a pad saver which absorbs your moisture after playing.

We would also recommend a cloth to keep the flute generally clean and sparkly.


Performing on your instrument makes you a better player!

Playing your instrument in a stressful environment like an exam or concert can help hugely with your confidence. You can gain  a far greater control with your playing whilst battling your nerves.

People often find that after a performance their playing has immediately stepped up a level. 

Performing is said to improve brain function, help with self confidence, help focus the mind and develop discipline, improve your well being  and better your social skills.

We are in no doubt that wherever you perform, even to small groups of friends and family it is an invaluable thing to do.

Rebecca offers lessons on Flute, Saxophone and Clarinet online or instore at Derosa Music
Danielle is a Vocal, Flute and Saxophone teacher at Derosa Music. She offers lessons online or instore

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