We miss live lounge month!

It only finished just over a week ago but we already miss BBC Radio 1’s live lounge month.

It sounds a bit sappy but it’s so refreshing to hear artists without autotune and a mix down. Personally live lounge is one of my favourite things and I think it really inspires musicians and I hope that it inspires ours. I know it will still happen weekly but it was amazing to hear a different world renowned artist everyday. I decided to put a small list together of my favourite ones, they are all quite different and I like them all for different reasons so here goes.


Jack Garrat – Friends (Cover)

Jack Garrat’s voice is something different. He can hit those notes that I would pass out trying to reach. He also covers so many genres and it was nice to hear he do something a little bluesy and come from the heart. We also say a instrumentalist who can sing is worth double but not really sure what comes first to him! You should really give it a listen and let us know what you think.


Izzy Bizu – White Tiger

This is such a lovely version of her original song, it does start off rather differently to what you expect it to sound like but sure enough she gets into it. I didn’t realise her voice was actually that good. You have to give it a listen if you haven’t already.


Craig David – Say my Name/Feed ’em to the Lions

Craig David has well and truly returned. He is even better then before! It’s great that he is keeping his sound alive and inspiring more people to go in that direction and you don’t just need 4 chords to make it. He is changing the pop scene  by bringing garage back.

Tom Odell – The Sound

Tom Odell seems like he disappeared for a while, I’m not sure if he did or didn’t either way he sounds great. His piano also sounded fabulous. Like us Tom loves a good Roland piano. We can’t  be sure what model he is using but it does look similar to an LX-17  we know he has been a fan on the FP-80 before and we can see why! Everything just sounds so amazing in the live lounge.

The 1975 – Sorry (Cover)

One of The 1975’s live lounges had to be on here. Their whole performance was amazing and what we all loved most was the philharmonic orchestra. We are constantly telling children that yes instruments suit a certain sound but they can play anything you want them to play. We have students who want to learn violin but don’t want to follow a classical route. It can be done! Everything in this cover is pieced together so perfectly and the orchestra really do make it amazing.


You don’t have to be the big name to do these things everyone needs session musicians and a touring band. You still get the lifestyle but can still pop to your local shops without getting swamped. If you would like to end up in one of these videos start by learning today. From only £12 a lesson it’s a great way to start.

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