Instrument Repairs in Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire

Derosa Music offers instrument repairs on all instruments that we sell. The prices listed here are intended as a guide and prices may vary depending on the instrument.

On occasion when repairs go above the below prices we will always quote for any work first.

Our Brass and Woodwind repairer visits us once a week normally on a Monday to collect items for repair. We will call you with a price for your repair normally 1-2 days after collection. Once the quote is approved, we will receive the repaired product the following week for collection.

All prices shown include VAT @20%

Instrument repairs in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridge

Guide Prices for repair work


Guitar restringing cost (excluding strings)

Standard 6 string Guitar£15.00
Standard Guitars (including full body clean & fretboard lemon oil treatment)£25.00
12 String Guitars£25.00
Guitars with Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems£30.00
Bass Guitars (4 String)From: £15.00

Prices are for the work element only.
Strings of your choice are additional.

Professional Guitar Setup by our Luthier

Basic SetupFrom £75.00
Full Setup including restringFrom £150
Full re-fret for non-bound guitarsFrom £250.00

Other Guitar services  (All £ P.O.A.)

Services include:

  • Pickup Replacement
  • Fretwork including full re-fret
  • Replacing Inlays or Binding
  • Fitting/replacing hardware (e.g. machine heads, knobs, selector switches etc)
  • Damage repairs up to full Customisation


Brass and Woodwind instruments:

Flutes, Clarinets

“Check over”* Service From: £40.00
Clarinet Cork Joint (per joint) From: £15.00
Complete instrument re-pad From: 220.00

Alto, Tenor Saxophone

Complete re-pad £450.00

Brass Instruments

Removal of Seized mouthpiece £10.00
“Annual” * Service From: £45.00

The following items are all £POA:

  • Damaged or stuck valves
  • Stuck tuning slides
  • Broken or bent parts/dents
  • Spare parts,
  • Specialist lubricant or materials


Regular maintenance on all instruments is recommended. Instead of waiting for an annual service allow us to pick up problems before they become more expensive to repair.

We have some video resources on maintenance you can see here.

Electronic Equipment

We offer a repair service for electronic instruments including:

Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Amplifiers, Most Effects Pedals, Mixers, Speakers and large PA systems

Repairs on electronic equipment carries a minimum charge.

Price Guide for Electronic repairs (1st hr) Min fee
Digital Pianos, Synth and Keyboard repairs £99.00
Guitar/Instrument amplifiers £65.00
Amplifier Service (Clean & component check) From: £75.00

Additional time per half hour

All repair work per half hour £30.00
All prices are payable even if you choose not to proceed. 2 month guarantee.

With electronic repairs, the cost is the time involved in the strip down & re-assembly. The parts cost will be minimal compared to the overall cost. Non-guarantee repair work often involves time for the strip down work simply to access a small faulty component.

In the case of older instruments, especially amplifiers, replacing one faulty component can lead to further failures due to weaknesses of older components. A classic example is valves. These are recommended to be replaced in pairs rather than singly. Replacing one often causes the other to blow.

Always call us for advice before repair.

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Rent a Trumpet

– £20 1st rental plus £20 Setup fee
– Total initial amount payable = £40
– All subsequent rentals £20