What guitar pedal is right for you?

Ever wondered what guitar pedal you should be using? Well there is no right or wrong answer it’s all down to what sound you want and how easy to use you want them do be. This post will focus on multi-effects units compared to single pedals.


What is the purpose of Electric Guitar pedals?

Electric Guitar pedals bring many different variations and sounds to a Guitarist’s arsenal, effects such as, Delay, Distortion, Overdrive, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser etc. All of these different effects allow an Electric guitarist to be more creative and dynamic in his/her playing, what this means to you as a player, is that you can recreate the sounds you’ll hear on recordings, authentically and more precisely. Bands such as The Rolling Stones use a Tremelo effect on the intro to ‘Gimme Shelter’ and you have the likes of Bryan Adams using a Chorus effect on the intro to ‘Run to you’.


– Why are some pedals more expensive than others?

Pedals, Like anything, will range in price. What makes a pedal more expensive are the components and time taken to put them together, looking at high quality or boutique pedals you will often find manufacturers using better quality internal components, for increased conductivity and to reduce processing noise (This is very useful for recording purposes.) Higher quality pedals are generally hand wired using high quality circuitry, this adds to the time and care taken into their construction. You will also find they’re far more robust and durable, being made out of metal chassis, of which, on average are a couple of mm thick.


– Multi-Effects units.(Why buy seperate pedals, when I can have all in one?)

Multi-Effects units allow you to have lots of different sounds built into one box, Let’s go through some of the Pros of Multi-Effects units as well as Single pedal units.



  • Large variety of sounds in one box.

    ME 80 – Click for more info and to purchase
  • Cost effective/best value for money.
  • Takes up less space than many singles.
  • Only requires one power supply






Single Pedals:

  • Simpler to use initially.
  • Brand Flexibility. (Certain brands are known for their effects.)
  • Customisable. (Pick and choose exclusively what effects you wish to have.)

    Come in store to see our range of single pedals
  • Easier to sell on and/or Part exchange with us.
  • Special/signature Pedals. (Artists specific pedals, E.g, Eddie Van Halen, MXR Flanger or the Boss WAZA range.)

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