How to use guitar effects pedals to get the tone you need

Do you know your Flangers from your Phasers?

How about the difference between a Vibrato and a Tremolo?

A very quick summary:

Guitar effects pedals categories

Four main categories of effect used to create guitar tones:

  • Dynamic effect – a type of effect that shapes the volume of your guitar tone.
  • Time-based effect – a type of effect that changes the playback time of your guitar tone.
  • Frequency-based effect – a type of effect that alters specific frequencies of your guitar tone
  • Modelling effect – Many BOSS modelling effects use COSM or Composite Object Sound Modelling. In other words, it uses computer-processing power to model. It digitally precisely models the electronic, mechanical, and magnetic characteristics inherent to an instrument, amplifier, or speaker. Also, it can create completely new sounds. You get dynamic or time-based modelling effects. Consequently, your guitar or amp can sound like a completely different type of guitar or amp depending.

The different types of guitar effects – know your ABC’s

  • A – Acoustic simulator
  • C – Chorus, Compression/Sustain
  • D – Delay, Distortion
  • E – EQ
  • F – Fuzz, Flanger
  • G – Gate
  • H – Harmoniser
  • L – Looper
  • O – Overdrive, Octave/Pitch Shift
  • P – Phaser
  • R – Reverb, Rotary
  • S – Slicer, Slow gear, Switcher, Synthesizer
  • T – Tremolo, Tuner
  • V – Vibrato, Vocoder, Volume
  • W – Wah

We hope you find the article helpful in deciding which guitar effects pedals you need.

Click HERE to read Roland’s very helpful article which explains how to use the most common guitar effects pedals. Use this to help you find the tone you need to create your perfect guitar sound.

In addition, here are some more helpful links:

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