Faith Guitars – Why we Love Them

Faith Guitars in Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire and Essex

A question often asked when people walk into DEROSA is: do you sell Martin or Taylor? The answer is no, we don’t need to. Here is why.


Faith Guitars – When it comes to anything, you buy the brand name. We are not knocking Martin or Taylor in anyway, they do produce beautiful guitars. The audience we reach and aim for aren’t planning to spend over £1000 on a guitar though, which is one reason why we stock Faith guitars.

Faith Mars Mahogany Acoustic guitar | Derosa Music | Bishops Stortford | Herts | Essex and Cambridge
Faith Mars Mahogany Acoustic guitar

A quick run down of the great things about Faith guitars;

  • All handmade.
  • A different shape for all personalities.
  • Set up in Indonesia where they are made, then set up again back in the UK.
  • All the parts are sourced through certified merchants.
  • They all sound beautiful in their own way.



If you came into the shop for a specific guitar, we should be able to find you an equivalent but for a lot less of the price. This does not mean they aren’t as good, if anything you get a lot more then what you pay for. Solid top, back and sides made from lovely timbers are hard to come by for a good price. With Faith you get that all.


Faith FECV Venus Eclipse Electro Acoustic Guitar in Black


If you are looking at an electro acoustic then you should see how easy to use the built in pre amp and tuners are to work. Sometimes they can be really “fiddly” but with Faith it’s smooth, sleek and simple. It’s also easy to turn on and off so you won’t run your battery down too fast.


Did you know Faith’s have also been voted the UK’s best acoustic guitars since 2013? This is voted by the Music Industry Association so comes from the very top!


When it comes to our personal thoughts, we love to play them. We all have the models we prefer because each model is so unique. Sometimes it’s down the the width of the neck or just down to the general tone it produces. Every person can find a Faith to fit their style.


Overall if you’re looking for a guitar that sounds like “a million bucks” and looks like it too, then a Faith is a very good move. They are made to the highest quality and aren’t just thrown together. You can see how they are made just below.


You can see our range of Faith guitars online by clicking here.



Check this out!

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