Suggestions guaranteed
to enhance your online
music lesson...

Suggestion 1: A tablet holder attached to a microphone stand

Having a dedicated stand for your tablet will enable you to position the camera at the appropriate angle. Not only will you be able to see your music resources clearly, the tutor will also be able to make any posture adjustments where need be.

Making do with self made stands to balance a device can be tiresome trying to find the right position. You could also potentially drop and damage your device.

Suggestion 2: Good quality headphones

Having a good set of headphones will cancel out back ground noise helping you or your child to focus on what your tutor is saying.

Headphones will give you a far better quality of sound compared to a device’s standard speakers. This will greatly enhance your virtual lesson experience.

Suggestion 3: A good quality microphone

Having a good quality Microphone will enhance the sound for yourself and tutor.

Standard Device microphones are very generic which can make it harder for a tutor to pick up on the tone of your instrument.

In addition if you are mixing the sound of your instrument with backing tracks it can be hard to find an optimum setting. Using a mic as well as a backing track will give you far more control of the over all sound.

Suggestion 4: The Ultimate piece of kit to help engage in your virtual lesson

The G Track is the perfect tool to cater for all of the above and more!

This device allows you to plug in your headphones as well as your instrument. When using backing tracks you can balance the sound with your instrument and voice.

Using the facing controls you can mix the sound enhancing both yours and the tutors overall listening.

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