Do you have a new years resolution to learn?

Each year DEROSA sees energetic faces of those who have made it their new year’s resolution to learn an instrument and this year we teach more instruments than ever!

From guitar to clarinet, drums to saxophone we have you covered.

We have even started to introduce group classes of 3 for 30 minutes running along with our groups of 6 for 45 minutes. All our group classes start from £12.

DEROSA still does 1-1 classes as well. These start from just £17.50 for half an hour and £30 for an hour.

Group and 1-1 classes work well for different people. Some people prefer to be in groups and have the extra interaction and feedback from fellow peers whilst others can either be shy and start in a 1-1 then go into a group. Others will always stay in 1-1’s because that’s how they learn best. No matter what class you choose it will be suited towards you.

Classes available in either groups or 1-1’s;

Classes that are only taught as 1-1’s;

You can find out all you need to know about our tutors here.

DEROSA also offers band classes for children, teenagers and adults with a showcase at the end of each term along with performing at local festivals. These classes start from £12 with our band coach Steve Young.

Another class we offer is for those under 6. These lessons are called little musician classes, £12 for 45 minutes in a group. They offer the children the first steps to music involving pianos, percussion instruments, recorders, ukuleles as well as simple games to help them keep time and get to grips with counting, along with the musical alphabet. Call us on 01279 465 155 to find out more.

Once you have had your first lessons you have started the progress to learn! You can even call up and book your slot over the phone.

You can start learning today.


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