The Yamaha Philosophy expresses the philosophical framework of the Group and consists of five elements: the Corporate Slogan, Corporate Philosophy, Customer Experience, Yamaha Way (mindset and manners), and Quality (criteria for quality).Three of these, the Corporate slogan, Corporate Philosophy and Customer Experience, describe the Group’s reasons for existence, and represent the fundamental principles that form the foundation of the Yamaha Group. In order for Yamaha to achieve this ideal, the Yamaha Way and Quality must be adopted and practiced by all employees, and drawn from for daily inspiration and guidance.

Yamaha’s history began when its founder, Torakusu, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Shortly thereafter, he successfully completed the first reed organ to be built in Japan.

Since then, they have continued to produce high-quality products by blending traditional craftsmanship with advanced digital technology. The quality of sound produced by a musical instrument reflects the long years of accumulated technical expertise and the skilled craftsmanship of the Company.

With our unique expertise and sensibilities, gained from our devotion to sound and music, the Group is committed to creating excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.

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