Benefits of Learning an Instrument

There are many benefits to learning an instrument and proven facts that learning to play an instrument can help your intelligence.


Let’s take a look at some main reasons then I will tell you why we teach.


Adult and children piano lessons available.

MEMORY! Your memory can improve and if you start learning as a child it can really help due to both sides of the brain having to work when playing. Learning from a younger age will help boost your brain’s growth and in the long term improve your intelligence. Learning an instrument will also improve your social skills for all ages just by mixing with more people and growing a bigger circle of friends. For children it can really excel them especially if they have group lessons, join a band or ensemble. This also helps them as they learn how to work as part of a team along with how to take charge and interact with a variety of people.


STRESS! When learning an instrument it often ends up becoming a way to relieve any stress built up inside you which is great for adults after a long day at work. Learning gives you that chance to be completely distracted and get away from everything else.

Did you know…. studies have shown that learning to play also lowers your heart rate and blood pressure? This in turn lowers the stress hormone cortisol. You will feel as cool as a cucumber after playing.


Clarinet Lessons are on a 1-1 basis. £17.50 for half an hour.

The most important benefit is it’s FUN, you can enjoy it. Come on, you can express your feelings without even talking! If you don’t find yourself having fun then something is not right. Yes you can do grades and music can end up being your full time job but you should always be finding it fun. Even if you think you know everything trust me you don’t. Each time you play you can find out something new be it a new technique or a variation in scales. There is always something more which keeps it fun and keep your interest. 


Why we teach…

At DEROSA we teach for many reasons. It actually makes us feel really good when we see pupils progress and do well. All we want is the best for the pupils which is why we try to be as flexible as possible. It’s great to watch the pupils grow, we even have former pupils now working for us.

Drum lessons for all ages starting from £12.

Teaching is something that we enjoy, our teachers love their jobs. It’s more of a passion for us to teach then a job. That’s why we keep our prices as low as possible so that it’s accessible to people. We want to get as many people learning and show that music is more then just a hobby after all most of you probably listen to music on the radio let alone spend £75 on a ticket to see your favourite artists. Never know Hertfordshire is full of bigs names the next could be coming from here.

At DEROSA we just want to see everyone enjoy themselves and feel a sense of achievement, even if it means moving around classes until you find the one you feel most comfortable in.

For all information on lessons have a look here. We teach piano, guitar, drums, clarinet, flute, sax, vocals, bass, ukulele and now VIOLIN. For info on violin lessons please call us on 01279 465 155.

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