Acoustic or digital piano?

Posted 23rd Feb 2019 11:48am

Acoustic Pianos are very different to Digital Pianos in my opinion

A wonderful Piano is like an open fire, an Aga, all things that nestle into the heart of the family home.

Standing in our Grade II Listed Showroom the all new Polished Black Yamaha Acoustic Pianos are stunning works of art. They are elegant, they somehow make a statement by simply standing there. They are unique, no two pianos will ever be the same. Just like all instruments crafted from wood, no two instruments can ever be the same. There are too many natural variables.

When you to sit to play the Yamaha acoustic pianos, it feels like your bringing something to life, mechanisms, hammers, fabric, felt, strings, metal, wood all come together to give you an orchestra of sound. You can hear lively over tones and under tones, you are not just playing one note somehow you feel you are playing all notes! When playing an acoustic piano you find brightness and mellowness, the piano talks it sings. It’s a journey, it’s a thing, an experience.

Acoustic pianos are “real” they need to be tuned, its an organic thing. For around £75 a year the piano will stand proudly at its best. The sound will develop with age along with playability.

If you are worried about moving a Piano, simply buy one with casters so you can easily reposition whenever you want.

Silent Practise? Look at The Yamaha silent version which when the middle pedal is selected the hammers are moved away from the strings. The Piano then uses Yamaha’s great Clavinoa history and technology enabling you to play silenetly with headphones.

Digital Pianos v Acoustic Pianos, its a little like Vinyl v CDs, One is clinical, precise perfectly exact the other is warm, vibrant and perfect in its imperfections.

Instore and Instock are the Yamaha B series Acoustic Upright Pianos as well as The Yamaha GDP1 Mini Grand.  They really are awesome.

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