Acoustic or digital piano?

Posted 23rd Mar 2016 10:51am

Digital pianos still seem to be new to people, most expect them to be tiny little keyboards with flashing keys. This is no longer true as they are just as good as acoustic pianos but with even better features.


BUY-3What’s the difference between Digital and Acoustic Pianos?

The gap between digital and acoustic pianos has been shrinking for some time now, many people have found comfort in going to digital pianos over acoustic’s mainly due to the benefits they have for modern living. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits.


Do not require tuning – Acoustic pianos require tuning several times a year, this also means they can be placed near radiators and windows without fear of temperature changes affecting the instrument.

Take up less space.

Lighter/easier to manoeuvre.


Bluetooth capabilities – able to connect bluetooth devices for learning, practicing and entertainment purposes.


Range of different piano sounds – Digital pianos offer a wider range of sounds such as an E. Piano, Harpsichord, Ragtime, Brighter and mellower piano tones. All of which you can add your personal touch by adjusting the pianos settings.


Different finishes – The Roland HP piano rangehp605-4 provides a varied series of finishes* such as Polished Ebony, Polished White, Contemporary Black, Contemporary Rosewood, White, and Brown Walnut. *Subject to specific models.


Volume Control/Headphone input – When playing the piano out loud you have complete control over the volume, in addition to this you also have a headphone input for silent practice.
USB capabilities – connect directly into a computer for recording purposes and USB wireless audio playability. (This is only on certain models.)


BUY-2Looking at these differences you can see Digital pianos have many benefits for the modern home and are affordable. Looking again at the Roland Piano range, with the HP and LX series’ you get a 10 year warranty, generally you wouldn’t find a warranty of that length on a digital product, but where Roland products are renowned for their durability and reliability they confidently offer this.   

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